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    Weekly lawn maintenance is more than just cutting the lawn. Lawns are cut at 3 1/2 inches, longer blades of grass help protect the roots from the hot sun. We will cut the lawn in a different pattern each week to promote even growth wherever possible.

    All obstacles including the house, fence lines, gardens, trees, etc., are trimmed with a line trimmer. Our employees have undergone extensive training to ensure that the trimming is done at the same height as the rest of the lawn to keep the entire property even. We have a special machine for curbs, sidewalks, paved driveways and paths to give a clean definition between the hard surfaces and the lawn areas. This machine is used regularly and makes a huge difference between your property and your neighbors!

    All trash is removed from the property’s hard surfaces and blown clean. All weeds growing in planting beds or through cracks in asphalt and paved areas are sprayed or pulled for an additional charge.

    Our five step fertilization program has been carefully researched by our horticulturalist. By using granular chemicals, your lawn will remain weed and insect free and produce a rich green color. Our fertilization program, along with Spring and Fall aeration, will produce a lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbors!

    We highly recommend aerating both spring and fall to promote root growth of your turf.  Over-seeding is recommended at the time of aerations to help fill in thin or bare areas in your lawn.

    We strongly recommend regular weekly maintenance with the grass cut higher, regular fertilizing and deep watering once or twice weekly to help your lawn through the hot, dry summer.

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